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Digital telephony and Internet access

The telecommunication solution, combining the digital telephone service and the fixed access to Internet, is most popular one. This enables one to provide the office with the very demanding telephone service.

A client is afforded a channel, whose capacity is 2 Mbps (E1 = 2048 Kbps). The whole channel is divided into slots multiple of 64 Kbps, which can be used for transmission of any data. For example, 64 Kbps (2048 Kbps = 64 Kbps x 32) are required for transmitting a telephone conversation over the digital telephone single-band channel. Hence, partially the channel is used for the required amount of telephone numbers and the rest, for fixed access to Internet. The business of telephone numbers does not affect the rate of Internet connection. The advantage of service consists in savings in service life, namely, the telephone numbers and fixed access to Internet are offered to the client by a single channel.

Besides, this package includes some additional potentialities in the telephony field, such as:
  • Free extension to trunk and international communication;
  • Agency automatic telephone station functions (conference call, alarm clock, advice of incoming call, call modification and so on).

MTU-Inform has flexible rates and an individual approach to each customer. You can connect with our sales department to get detailed consultation on any service providing issue (7-095)725-28-28 sales@mtu-inform.ru

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